Rhein International is a Corporate customer-oriented multi-purpose trading company based in Duisburg, Germany. Rhein International is a Member of German Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It has emerged from a business under German civil law and European Commercial law, which is operating since 2017. We are also member of Commonwealth of Independent States - Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce & Industry(CIS-BCCI).

Our trading activities are mainly based on import & export, particularly inMedical Equipment’s, Jute Products, Recycling Glasses (All kinds of Cullets), trading of industrial products, agricultural goods as well as commodities and raw materials.

As we have a diversified knowledge based team, therefore we also offer consulting services in Business Startup, foreign trade with regards to trade intermediation, commercial representationand distribution.In this concern, we do market analysis and market research for business development in international trade.

Our focus are small and medium-sized companies from developing, emerging and developed markets, especially companies operating from European Union like Germany , The Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Portugal as well as CIS countries like Russia, Armenia,Ukraine, Azerbaijan. As well as in Bangladesh, India and Vietnam in the following sectors: Textiles & Apparels, Jute Products, Medical Equipment’s, Information Technology & Energy, Construction &Construction Materials, Industrial Chemicals, Machinery &Manufacturing.

We aim is to transform our clients business into a competitive, sustainable and global market leader.